Faculty & Staff

Committed to Students� Academic Success


LBC at CUTS Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Timothy Barksdale
Professor Dennis Blankenbeckler
Professor Kevin Campbell
Professor Rahman Carll
Professor Lawrence Chiles
Professor Michael Couch
Dr. David Crosscombe
Dr. Craig Biehl
Dr. Solomon Caudle
Dr. Garth Gittens
Professor Anita Gregory
Rev. Dr. Stanley Hearst
Rev. Dr. Edna Hopkins Rozier
Professor Cean James
Rev. Michele Jenkins
Dr. Damone Jones, Sr.
Dr. Sabriya K. Jubilee
Professor Carla Jones Brown
Professor Melissa Jones
Rev. Sherry A. Jones
Dr. Edgar Johnston
Dr. William Krispin
Dr. Byeoug Eun Lee
Dr. John Lepera
Professor Rochelle Marshall
Dr. Ernest McNear
Professor Linda Mingo
Rev. Gloria Jean Moore
Professor Roslyn Morris
Professor Jazelle Plummer
Dr. Zachary Ritvalsky
Professor Omar Rozier
Dr. Tanya Solomon
Dr. Wayne Weathers
Dr. Ronald W. Whitaker, II
Professor Jean M. Wilkerson
Professor Kelechi Wright
Dr. Patricia L. Wright
Professor Celeste Wynn
Dr. Kyuchul Yang
Professor Fred Zaspel


LBC at CUTS Administration Staff

Dr. Zachary Ritvalsky
Philadelphia Site Director
Dr. Sherry Jones
Academic Dean
Professor Carla Jones Brown
Mrs. Janet Chung
Student Accounts/Human Resources

We thank and praise God for our adjunct faculty and staff for imparting their knowledge and giving their dedicated service to our students.