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Credit for Prior Learning

YES, you can turn your life experiences into college credit! Once you have matriculated as a student, you may apply for Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) from your life experiences thus earning additional semester hours. In the admissions process, degree completion will provide you with an opportunity to obtain an estimate of the number of CPL credits you might receive when you enter the program. A maximum of 17 semester hours can be earned through CPL.

- Be documented learning; more than experience or exposure
- Be college-level learning (may be Continuing Education Units from employment)
- Military service and related learning experiences are considered
- Not have resulted in previous college credit (previous college credits may be transferred in separately)

Please note that it is the learning from these sources which is evaluated and results in credit hours being awarded. Prior Learning credits will be generally applied to ministry course electives (not toward specific courses). Degree Major core courses must still be taken.

Transfer of credit and "testing out" is different from CPL. The Registrar and Dean should be contacted regarding those.

Discussing potential credit for prior learning with a program staff member (academic advisor) is an important step toward your degree completion. The purpose of the discussion is to give an estimate of the number of hours you might earn from prior learning experiences.

- Learning from work situations
- Learning from seminars, professional licenses, and/or workshops
- Learning from military schools or service
- Learning from church ministry and community service
- Learning from family, marital status, and children
- Learning from travel, hobbies, and sports
- Learning from other sources

Student must be at least 25 years old. No guarantee that Credit for Prior Learning can be transferred to other schools. Please see the Assessing Prior Learning Student & Evaluator Handbook for a detailed explanation. We charge $10 per credit hour approved. There is a $50 application fee.

Dr. John Lepera
Prior Learning Office