Welcome to the Registrar's Office

The Registrar's office exists to support the LBC@CUTS students in their training for transformational ministry in many ways. We award academic credit in transfer through the evaluation of transcripts from previous post-secondary college-level institutions and approved Bible Institutes; provide current Degree Program check lists to insure accurate graduation mapping; provide the student with pertinent options to satisfy certain course and credit requirements; facilitate effective student registration and enrollment through individual student support; ensure the integrity, accuracy, and security of all academic records of current and former students; and maintain up-to-date course schedules, catalogs, and student handbooks.

The Registrar's office counsels and advises students, faculty, and staff on academic matters; and interprets and enforces policies and regulations of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). As students prepare to minister in diverse urban settings for the Kingdom of Christ, we:

  • Coordinate the graduation process through certification of bachelor and associate degrees, including exit interviews;
  • Generate official transcripts, enrollment and degree verification;
  • Process in-school deferments; and
  • Coordinate the baccalaureate and commencement ceremonies.


The Registrar's office works with all related offices on site that impact the student's academic journey. As partners with Lancaster Bible College, we network regularly with the LBC staff. However, ALL academic transactions concerning the LBC@CUTS student are to be fulfilled by the CUTS Registrar's office. We afford each student the opportunity to meet with us and to personally address his/her concerns.

Feel free to contact us to arrange an appointment to explore how we can best serve you!

Professor Carla Jones Brown
(215) 329-5400 ext. 4