Additional Resources

Academic Resource Center (ARC)

The ARC offers one-to-one tutoring to students who want help in developing the skills necessary for effective writing. The ARC approaches writing primarily as a process. Students are encouraged to bring in projects at any stage of completion -- rough notes, drafts, finished essays, graded papers -- and are offered help with any aspect of the writing process. For additional information about ARC, please visit this page today.

Prior Learning Office

YES, you can turn your life experiences into college credit! Once you have matriculated as a student, you may apply for Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) from your life experiences thus earning additional semester hours. In the admissions process, degree completion will provide you with an opportunity to obtain an estimate of the number of CPL credits you might receive when you enter the program. A maximum of 17 semester hours can be earned through CPL. For additional information, please visit this page today.