LBC @ CUTS - School Closing Information

The Academic Dean will make the decision whether or not to cancel classes due to inclement weather and call the radio station. Our school closing code is 256. Do NOT call the administration building; it will be closed also. Please follow any of the steps below:

1. Listen for the LBC @ CUTS school closing code #256 on KYW 1060AM on your radio.

2. Up to date school closing information is also available by calling (215) 925-1060. If you do not hear the LBC @ CUTS school code listed, our classes have not been cancelled. If you are unable to attend class, it is your responsibility to notify your instructor. Please make sure you have their contact information prior to any occurances of inclement weather.

3. You may also access school closing information online at You will have the opportunity to receive updates from the KYW Newsradio Storm Center by phone, text and/or email should you choose to sign up.